If you are in a Mail Ballot Precinct, you will automatically be mailed an official ballot through the mail. You may vote the ballot when you receive it and return it by mail or you may turn it in, sealed in the signed return envelope, to any polling place in the county on Election Day. If you are returning your ballot by mail it is very important that you mail it not less than five days before the election to insure that the U.S. Post Office can deliver your ballot by Election Day +3.

Ballots received by the Elections Office before Election Day will be tallied and reported on election night. Ballots received on or after Election Day will be counted after the election and added to the official canvass results. The Elections Office requests that you return your ballot no later than five days before the election, so a majority of all the ballots can be tallied and reported on election night.

If you are in a Mail Ballot Precinct and you do not receive your official ballot or if you lose or inadvertently destroy your ballot, call the Elections Office (559) 624-7300 and you will be sent a new ballot. If you do not have your official mail ballot before Election Day you must come to the county Elections Office, Government Plaza, 5951 S. Mooney Blvd. in Visalia to vote.