The Elections office NEEDS YOU to work Election Day.  Get involved in the election process by becoming a Pollworker.  To qualify you must be:

  • a United States Citizen

  • a resident of Tulare County

  • at least 18 years old

  • a registered voter in Tulare County    

  • not in prison or on parole for a felony

There are five positions on each precinct board.  Their duties and job descriptions are listed below.  The Election office provides training and the supplies you need to do your part in the election process.  SO COME JOIN THE TEAM.  

         Tulare County Elections Dept.           
         5951 S. Mooney Blvd.
         Visalia, CA 93277

For more information about Election Officers, please contact Lynnda at (559) 624-7301




Chief Polling Officer:

The Chief Polling Officer is responsible for the Insight vote tabulation unit, selecting the Direction Board, arranging to have the polling place unlocked in the morning and locked in the evening, coordinating other precinct boards at a polling place, and for transporting the VOTED ballots and ALL precinct supplies to the return center/elections office at the end of the night. Attendance of a training class is required.


The Inspector is in charge of the functions of the precinct board including looking voters up in the roster, giving instructions on how to correctly mark the ballot, updating the street index as voters vote and handing out official ballots. The Inspector is in charge of recruiting the remaining precinct board members, attending a training class.  (See also Chief Polling Officer and Clerk).

Touch Screen Clerk:

The Touch Screen Clerk is the poll worker who is in charge of the touch screen voting equipment (setting up, taking down, trouble shooting). The duties include verifying voters, generating voter access cards for the touch screens and assisting voters with the touch screens if needed. The Touch Screen Clerk is required to attend a training class.

Provisional Clerk:

The Provisional Clerk is the poll worker who is assigned to handle the paperwork portion of the provisional process.  As part of this process, they are responsible for making sure voters not on the roster get to the correct polling place or precinct board to vote.  This position is required to go to a training class.


A member of a precinct board. (See also Inspector)